Earn Passively By Gaming

GamerMine - Earn Money Watching Ads And Playing Games

Steam Profile Setup

Edit Steam profile name and avatar to include gamermine.com
All required links are included in the Airtable.
  • Ensure all settings on your Steam privacy page are set to public so GamerMine can detect your playtime.
  • Steam has updated their avatar CDN, you may have to re-upload your image for your reward to register.

Supported Steam Titles

GamerMine Passive Earning Strategy

Automate Collecting GamerMine’s Daily Rewards

GamerMine Bot Features

  • Open-source and available on Github
  • Codeless — designed to help non-techies
  • Fully automated
  • User credentials pickled and stored offline
  • Collects daily bonus and Steam Reward
  • Tested and confirmed working for the U.S. and Canada(more to come!)



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