Publish0x: A Worthy Medium Competitor

Publish0x (pronounced Publish) is a blogging platform similar to Medium. Though dedicated primarily to the latest occurrences in the cryptosphere, you’ll find articles spanning from gaming to productivity hacks to relationship advice on there. Launched as a “pre-beta” in December of 2018, Publish0x has since paid out more than $429,646 to its users. Unlike other blogging sites such as Medium, Publish0x incentivizes both writers and readers by giving each tipper, who are readers, the ability to choose how much they want to tip the writer and how much they want to keep for themselves. They’re able to keep up to 80% of the tip to themselves and tip several times each day.

I’ve curated a list of reasons by which Publish0x stands out from the crowd and have also included a hack to help you earn more on the website down below!

  1. Tips are taken from the website’s rewards pool: Unlike other crypto blogging sites, the one that comes to mind first is Read.Cash , which relies heavily on donors to run their tipping, Publish0x is self-funded. This is a relief, knowing that majority donors can’t hold the project hostage.
  2. Several currencies available: Read.Cash is another crypto-powered blog that has implemented a tipping system similar to that of Publish0x. The difference between the two lies in the fact that Read.Cash only tips its users in Bitcoin Cash whereas Publish0x currently tips users with multiple coins. Currently, Farm and Ampleforth are handed out, but there are more coins set to be added to token earnings soon.
  3. Publish in the evenings: Publish0x provides a specific amount of cryptocurrency for tips every day to users for free. However, you tip in decreasing amounts after your first tip every day. This replenishes at 8 pm EST (midnight GMT). Therefore, to get the largest tips, it makes sense to upload articles and browse the website in the evenings.



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