Selenium Python Bindings— Automated Web Testing on Brave with Python


  • What are Selenium Python bindings?
  • How do you automate Brave using Selenium Python bindings?
  • What is DOM navigation?
  • How do you switch through windows and frames when automating Brave with Selenium?
  • What are explicit and implicit waits?
  • Learn about Selenium Python bindings.
  • Understand the process of automating a Brave instance with Selenium Python bindings.
  • Learn how to traverse web pages using DOM navigation.
  • Learn how to switch through windows and frames when using Selenium with Brave.
  • Understand the differences between explicit and implicit waits.

Selenium Framework

Pre-requisites for running Selenium tests with Python

pip install selenium
pip install webdriver-manager

How to run your first test using Selenium and Python?

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Navigating through HTML DOM Elements

  • CSS ID: .find_element_by_id(“id-search-field”)
  • DOM Path: .find_element_by_xpath(“//input[@id=’id-search-field’]”)
  • CSS class: .find_element_by_class_name(“search-field”)

Navigating through Windows and Frames

Idle Time During Automation

Final Thoughts



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